Support for access to the space sector

Support for entering the space sector for Slovak companies

The European space economy is one of the most competitive in the world. It employs more than 230 ths. employees and creates added value estimated up to 62 billion euro. Number of employees as well as revenues of the sector are growing dynamically each year. Besides, the overall nature of the sector has been changing - while in the past it used to be an exclusive domain of state projects and large corporations, today SMEs are an important part of its supply network.
Support in finding partners or customers in Slovakia

Currently, more than 20 companies are active in the space sector in Slovakia, most of them dedicated to the development and production of satellite components or software solutions using satellite data. In addition, we also register dozens of companies operating in the fields of electrotechnics, mechanical engineering, progressive materials development or IT, which have a strong technological potential to enter the space field.
In case your business is active in these areas and you are hungry for innovation and new business opportunities, you have a great pre-requisite to join them.
Support for finding partners or customers abroad

With its Diversification Activities, SARIO actively helps companies, which already operate in the space sector, to find partners abroad. In regard to these needs, we are constantly expanding our international partner network which, in addition to the European Space Agency, includes more than 100 space agencies, industry associations, clusters and foreign companies.
Space activities include:
  • Consultancy on the sector's potential and entry options into the space industry.
  • Connecting with potential business partners at home and abroad (matchmaking program during events or ad hoc mediated b2b meetings).
  • Connecting with potential R&D partners at home and abroad (including support for engaging in project challenges such as Horizon 2020, ESA PECS, ...).

SARIO Space Sector Plans for 2020
All services are provided free of charge.
For more information do not hesitate to contact Michal Brichta, Team Leader for Diversification Activities,