Prešov region

The Prešov region ranks among the country’s largest and is also the region with the highest number of inhabitants. The region is mountainous, and the High Tatras National Park, located in its western part of the region is the most renowned national park in the country.

Rich water sources include rivers such as Poprad and Topľa, as well as numerous dams, with the Domaša reservoir being the largest and most important recreational area in the region. The region shares a border with both Poland and Ukraine and also borders three other regions of Slovakia. The region is divided into 13 districts.

Some strong aspects of the region are the following: favorable demographic progress, main transport corridors provide connection with the entire Slovak transport system, high unemployment and the lowest wage rates in Slovakia, high forestation of the territory, strong potential of the wood industry, development of traditional industrial sectors and crafts, free production capacities for new production (area, human resources), international airport in Poprad, qualified work force, favorable conditions for development of tourism and additional services, well-preserved environment, sources of geothermal and mineral springs and good position for cross border cooperation with Poland. Major foreign investors in the region are Whirpool, Lear Corporation Seating, Plzeňský Prazdroj, STIGA
and Mubea.

The main sectors include the food processing, chemical, mechanical engineering and textile industries. With the exception of the chemical industry, all the other industries are evenly spread throughout the region. The chemical industry is represented by few big companies in the Humenné and Poprad districts. The electro technical industry once played a major role in the past with a share that exceeded the national average, but this has changed since several foreign companies have now invested into electrotechnics in other regions of Slovakia.

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