Extension of the project to support maintaining of employment

Friday, 17. July 2020
On July 15, the Government of the Slovak Republic accepted the
proposal of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family to extend the project of support for maintaining employment during the declared emergency for another two months, i. e. until the end of September 2020.

An alternative of this proposal is to continue the implementation of this project ideally until the end of 2020, when a mechanism to support shortened working time called Kurzarbeit should be introduced.

The extension of the project implementation period will support the stabilization of the business environment and the labor market, which are significantly affected by negative impacts of the spread of COVID-19.

The expenditure to extend the project for another two months represent 133,784,198 EUR. In the case of extension of the project until the end of 2020, the expenditures would sum up to 237,568,846 EUR, while the expenditures in both alternatives would not exceed the approved financial limit of 1.3825 billion EUR.