Report - Specifics of providing logistics services for exporters during the COVID-19 pandemic

Friday, 14. August 2020
The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) organized a webinar entitled "Specifics of providing logistics services for exporters during the COVID - 19 pandemic", which was attended by 19 companies, mainly from the logistics sector but also by companies from several production sectors that use the transport services of logistics companies in their export activities.

The webinar, which took place via the ZOOM online application, aimed to clarify to the participants in particular the implications of the current situation caused by the pandemic for the provision of logistics services to exporters, how transport and forwarding service providers overcome these impacts, and what alternative transport solutions offer to exporters, as well as what kind of development they expect in the provision of transport services after the mitigation of the restrictions related to the pandemic and after it has been completely lifted.

During the webinar, all these thematic areas were explained by representatives of renowned forwarding companies providing a comprehensive portfolio of logistics services, namely DAMCO Slovakia, s.r.o. and CARGO-PARTNER SR, s.r.o .

As revealed by several feedbacks from participants, the webinar provided a useful, comprehensive information overview of current problems in the logistics services caused by the COVID - 19 pandemic, as well as guidelines how to deal with these issues.