Space applications in emergency situations - webinar

Friday, 10. July 2020
Free / Registration
Space applications play a crucial role both in the prevention and resolution of crises and emergencies in the 21st century.

During the „Space applications in emergency situations“ webinar the speakers will discuss various interesting case-studies and projects of companies and research institutions in this field, focusing mostly on remote sensing and navigation satellite data use in Asia and Europe. The webinar will be conducted in English.

  •        Emmanuel Pajot - Secretary General, EARSC
  •        Hannes Dekeyser - Management Consultant,
  •        William Ricard - Space Practice Manager, PwC Advisory
  •        Giorgio Licciardi – Telecommunications Engineer, Edoardo Amaldi             Foundation
  •        Michal Brichta –  Diversification Lead & Senior Consultant, SARIO

Please, register by July 8, 2020. The link to the webinar (via the Zoom application) will be sent to registered participants on the day of the event.

The webinar is a part of online activities within the SARIO Diversification Services aimed to support the sectorial diversification of Slovak companies towards promising high-tech areas with significant growth potential.

For more information regarding planned events and the SARIO Diversification Services, contact:, Team Leader for Diversification Services