Rozsutec Peak, Malá Fatra
Town Hall Square, Bardejov

Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters, Banská Bystrica

Architects: Hovorka, Moravčík, Paulíny

Invest in Slovakia

Why Slovakia

Slovakia offers a unique combination of factors that make it an ideal investment location. A qualified, productive and cost-effective labour force, unique geographical location in the heart of Europe, macroeconomic stability and membership in the                                                  Eurozone are just some of the factors that enable
                                        the successful implementation of investment
                                        projects in Slovakia.


SARIO Investment Support Services

SARIO Investment Projects Department assists not only new foreign investors by the implementation of their investment plans but also supports established investors by their expansion activities in Slovakia.



Industries and Regions Overviews

Find overviews of selected industries of the Slovak economy, such as automotive, electronics, machinery & equipment, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, aviation, space, ICT, and business service centre (SSC & BPO) sectors.  A separate brochure is                                              devoted to the area of research, development and                                              innovations, which has particular importance in the                                            Slovak economy.

Thanks to its peculiarities, each of the Slovak regions has a special combination of comparative advantages suitable for new as well as expanding investors.



Investment Incentives and Other
Support Mechanisms

SARIO offers consultations on the regional investment incentives scheme, research and development (RD) superdeduction, and other support mechanisms suitable for new investors as                                                well as established companies.


Real Estate

Our agency offers assistance by the identification of specific investment locations through its own regularly updated real estate database. We prepare an overview of available real estate for potential investors according to their requirements.                                                              Subsequently, we also facilitate personal visits of                                                  pre-selected sites and further assistance associated                                            with the selection of suitable location.

Success Stories

Find an overview of successful investment projects that have been implemented in cooperation with
the SARIO agency.