Research & Development

Currently, Slovakia, thanks to successful local and foreign entities, possesses rich R&D capacities in the private sector, as well as scientific and research institutes at technical universities or the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Although Slovakia may still be viewed as an industrial and especially automotive powerhouse, the main focus has been increasingly drawn to investment projects with higher added value and activities with a considerable degree of scientific and research potential.

SARIO seeks to actively support the inflow of such investments through the presentation of investment incentives for technology and R&D centers, as well as by raising awareness of the special tax regime for the additional deduction of R&D expenses.

Key reasons why to set up an R&D facility in Slovakia:

  • Attractive investment incentives (state-aid) scheme for R&D and technology centers
  • Special R&D tax regime - additional tax deduction for R&D expenses up to 200%
  • Slovak workforce is a CEE leader in the ability to successfully adopt new technologies
  • Availability of qualified R&D personnel (engineers and researchers) at affordable costs
  • Adequate combination of domestic and foreign as well as public and private R&D institutions
  • Positive track record & examples of success stories of established technology and R&D centers

For more information on investment opportunities in technology and R&D centers in Slovakia as well as R&D superdeduction, please contact

R&D & Innovation Sector in SLOVAKIA