Online B2B with Tyumen

Friday, 11. September 2020
Online B2B with Tyumen 

On September 10th, 2020, an online B2B matchmaking event was held with a partner in the Tyumen, region in the Russian Federation.
The partner of the SARIO Agency was the Tyumen Region Administration, which has been interested in developing an economic partnership and ties with the Slovak Republic and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in  Moscow, ​​which mediated the contact between the two institutions – Tyumen Region Administration and the SARIO Agency.

On the Slovak side, there were 4 companies participating in the online B2B forum, mostly from the following sectors: engineering, rubber processing, food industry, and wood processing industry.

On the Russian side, these were companies mainly from the construction industry as well as from the agricultural technology complex.

A total volume of 8 B2B negotiations and 1 B2G negotiation took place (in this reference a Slovak company held negotiation with a representative of the Tyumen Region Administration).

The primary interest of the SARIO Agency is to increase and promote the export potential of the well-established and export-capable Slovak companies, and therefore still there is a huge interest persisting in looking for some relevant partners for other remaining Slovak companies and entrepreneurial bodies in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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