Slovak technologies cross borders

Friday, 22. January 2021

The Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) has been offering international cooperation platforms, B2B meetings, foreign business missions & fairs, and other services while managing offers and demands for mutual cooperation from foreign and as well domestic companies for over 20 years as a part of services to Slovak companies with the potential for growth and expansion into global markets - SARIO Export Services.

Slovak company RVmagnetics, a.s. acquired contact within the international cooperation platform organized by SARIO in 2018 and afterwards successfully established cooperation with Sri Lankan company VeroxLabs (Pvt) Ltd.
VeroxLabs Ltd. is engaged in the development of medical devices, designs, manufactures and markets laboratory equipment for assisted reproduction technologies (ART) and research laboratories.
RVmagnetics, a.s. is a research and development company based in Košice that has developed the smallest passive sensor in the world - MicroWire within the product "World's first Smart Disposable Petri Dish" - the world's first smart Petri dish, which is part of a smart fertilization unit used for artificial reproduction. 
We are pleased to have handed over the completed first phase of the project to the VeroxLabs client these days, thus contributing to the smartification of IVF equipment with our Slovak technology. We believe that this product will also attract the world's leading manufacturers of medical technology and will become a standard for IVF processes, "said Prof. Varga, author of microwire-based sensor technology and founder of RVmagnetics.
The sensor meets the highest biomedical standards, opens up a wide range of options for capturing and collecting patient data, and is suitable for preoperative, operative and postoperative procedures, recovery processes and home care. The Slovak company RVmagnetics, a.s. applies these sensors in several industries including industry 4.0, mechanical engineering, information technology, electric motors and batteries, as it is the only sensor that can measure several physical quantities at once (e.g. temperature + pressure).
Following a series of negotiations, the two companies signed a cooperation agreement in September 2020, with an expected completion and handover date in the second half of 2021.