Call for financial institutions to express interest in participating in the financial instrument — 'Eximbanka SR — Antikorona záruka'

Wednesday, 24. June 2020
On 22 June, EXIMBANKA SR published the call for banks domiciled in the SR or branches of foreign banks to express their interest in participating in the financial instrument "EXIMBANKA SR ANTIKORONA ZÁRUKA". The purpose of the aid is to provide preferential bridging loans to companies.

Under this program, EXIMBANKA SR will grant guarantees in favour of banks for the purpose of providing preferential loans to companies. This form of aid is intended for companies interested in drawing a loan from banks between EUR 2 million and EUR 20 million. Thanks to the guarantee from EXIMBANKA SR, a commercial bank can provide a loan with more favourable terms and EXIMBANKA SR will take over up to 80% of the credit risk from new loans provided to companies by banks.

The aim of this guarantee financial instrument is to help companies cope with the financial difficulties caused by the current situation and maintain employment, through the provision of new loans. The loans will have a maturity of 2 to 6 years, with deferral of repayment of principal and interests during the first year. Supported companies will be able to use credit resources to finance their operational and to a limited extent, investment needs.

Banks interested in the implementation and participation in the call have the opportunity to submit the necessary documents by 22.7.2020.

For more information, please visit the EXIMBANKA SR website.